About Us

Vietnamese Restaurant

We have been in business for 17 years. Debuted in Woodbury in January 2004, Thanh Truc Restaurant specializes in providing fine authentic Vietnamese cuisine with impressive Chinese and Thai dishes. Supervised by Hai Phan, our culinary and hospitality experts leave no stones unturned for your best experiences with us!


Our Culinary Values

If you love Quick and Easy food that is prepared from scratch and at once flavorful and healthy, come to Thanh Truc. We are committed to tasty food to satisfy our diners with our Quality, Reliability. Good food, excellent service, peaceful atmosphere are the key to our family-owned and operated business.
Feel at home with us!

Responsible Approach to Iconic Dishes

We support local farmers in cooking high-quality food and authentic dishes. Our friendly staff is trained to provide personal attention to every patron.
Our traditional dishes include the famous Vietnamese egg roll, pho (the best soup in the world), and the healthy Vietnamese salad (bun). Each dish is made fresh after the order from the freshest ingredients.